Sensor based Industrial Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems

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Smart Label

Smart Label is Flexible, Durable and as thin as a paper


Material type : Flexible
Temperature Range : -10ºC to +70ºC
Sensor location : To be mounted on a stick-able surfac
Response time : <10 seconds
Temperature accuracy : ±0.3ºC in between 0ºC and 40ºC and ±0.5ºC in the range of -40ºC and +85ºC
Memory Size : ~13500 samples
Battery : Paper thin 3V 17mAh
Battery life : 3-6 months
Interface : NFC enabled phone
Logging interval : 10 seconds to 2.5 hour
Start options : Via mobile app or pre-programmed
Stop options : When memory is full or user programmable from the mobile application
Calibration : Not required
Data download : CSV file (Customizable). Can be readily uploaded to the cloud for instant analytic
Warranty : 1 year
Label dimensions : 60mm X 40mm X 1mm
Case : Not require
Water proof/Water resistan : NO
Weight : <10gms


  • Graphical view of recorded data on mobile device over NFC
  • Tabular view of data on cell phone as well as cloud
  • Can be easily integrated into existing products to send temperature data to the cloud
  • Set maximum and minimum temperature range for recorded data
  • Find out the weighted average of the data
  • Alerts for temperature crossing the set threshold.
  • Time and sample count of the times the threshold data was crossed
  • Extremely light weight
  • Comes with a reseal sticker
  • Data can be purged from the label without using any external interfaces
  • Reusable
  • Extremely cost effective

NXP’s P60 SIM form factor module development board

Ambimat is a vendor to NXP for some of it’s payment development kits. In these kits the following features are implemented.

  • Secure element communicate with MCU on Smart UART interface.
  • MCU can read ATR and send it to a Bluetooth Radio.
  • Has been interfaced with the KW41Z and the Hexiwear platform from NXP.
  • Can also communicate using the NFC antenna for contactless communication.

Data logger with NFC

  • The product has a sensor that can sense temperature and humidity.
  • Has a built in real time clock which can record data over a predefined interval starting 5 seconds and ending in hours.
  • Can communicate data to an NFC enabled phone.
  • Can Store upto 80000 samples of data.
  • Ideal application in Pharmaceutical space to make sure medicines are kept in the required temperature range.
  • Easily customizable to add different sensors as well as other communication media like Zigbee and Bluetooth