Bluetooth LE card

The Bluetooth LE card is used for Micro Geo-location of people within a closed environment for asset tracking purposes.

  • The product is an ISO form factor card with some buttons, a battery, a set of LEDs.
  • Every time a button is pressed the LED corresponding to the button glows giving a visual representation of the button pressed
  • A Bluetooth signal is sent out every time a button is pressed.
  • Since the card has multiple buttons, different messages can be sent out on pressing different buttons on the card.
  • Receivers can receive the signal and geo-tag the person within the closed environment.

NXP’s P60 SIM form factor module development board

Ambimat is a vendor to NXP for some of it’s payment development kits. In these kits the following features are implemented.

  • Secure element communicate with MCU on Smart UART interface.
  • MCU can read ATR and send it to a Bluetooth Radio.
  • Has been interfaced with the KW41Z and the Hexiwear platform from NXP.
  • Can also communicate using the NFC antenna for contactless communication.