Hardware Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing

  • Ambimat has successfully realized projects for PCB design, Layout and fabrication of Multi Layer PCBs ranging from two layers to twelve layers. That said we do possess the necessary expertise and skill set to go above that.
  • We have skilled manpower, who can work on Cadence, OrCAD, Altium, PCAD, PADS, CADSTAR, EAGLE etc.
  • We have skilled technicians who can manually wire various thru hole and SMD chips as well as passive components for packages like the 1206, 0603, 0402 etc. We have pick and place machines that will place and solder components of various packages.
  • We have in the past wired Small outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC), TQFP, 208 & 240 pin PQFP and 272 pin BGAs. We are working on projects that entail the use of LGAs as well.
  • Our Test Facility has most equipment like Power Supplies, Signal Generators, Scope, Analog & Digital Multimeters coupled with PROM Programming & PLD Development Support, Various Development Modules, Breakout Boards and tools for Embedded Development
  • We have the capability of accomplishing functional testing and environmental testing with 168-hour burn-in analysis.